Sharefood App – Get Home cooked food anytime

Sharefood App – Get Home cooked food anytime

I have so much to share about my experience with sharefood as a home baker/home cook. For those who has no idea about it yet, let me tell you how convenient it is to be able to order home cooked food easily anywhere, anytime!

If you all have been following me or reading all my previous post, i mentioned that sharefood approached me to join them as a home baker when i was doing my live demo at totts yah? I was so excited and honored to be part of the team as well as a consumer of sharefood app.

The reason why i can cook and bake so well (hahaha~~ self claim) is becasue i’m a very picky eater, i enjoy my food with more “liao” (ingredients) than plain carbo and i can add anything i want to my food making it a healthier choice. Since young, my mum has cultivate my mind to always eat healthy, introducing my taste buds with all sorts of weird food when people tells her it’s good, especially she always tells me at my age of 30s, the more we need to take care of our body wellness which also in turn will reflect on our skin complexion as well. However, due to the working culture we have now in Singapore, most families/people hardly have time to cook or they can’t cook for whatever reasons, and so this app comes in handy!

Click here to join ShareFood in Facebook —>

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This app can be downloaded in both android and apple phones. Signing up is easy, following the instructions or steps given, you will come to this main page – The news feed.


A new recipe will be featured and updated regularly for people to learn how to cook or bake new things, this week, my recipe is featured in the news feed in time for Christmas season – Easy Cheesy Carbonara – my actual full recipe will be shared in my blog later.

Here’s the link to the video or you can view the video at the end of this post —>


Next, sellers will categorize their food under different categories:

Food near me: Food available for orders will be listed from nearest to you. If you are always working late, why not order dinner every day from a home cook near you? It saves all the trouble of travelling, queuing, thinking of what to eat and worst – an unhealthy non balanced diet =(

This is my page, look for me and add me to your favorite list ok? I am working on all weekdays, with school on Mondays and Fridays and i would usually bake or cook on weekends. Two woman (Mum and i) fighting for a kitchen is the most chaotic thing ever, LoL~ Therefore, i really can’t wait to have my own place and own kitchen where i can work in comfortably.

Made my first sold 2 weeks after registration – my all time favorite 6″ half baked cheesecake and 2 sets of scones. My cheesecake has been the most frequent order so far, becasue they are so amazingly good! The texture of light and fluffy cake, with a wet center gives the feeling of eating a cheese yogurt and a cake that melts in the mouth, it’s light and airy taste will be great for people who does not like the strong taste of a cheesecake. Less sugar is another criteria for my bakes, making it a more healthier choice for desserts =D

My personal achievement – A Food and Hygiene Certificate! and along with a certificate of pastry and baking that is coming soon V>.<V

So what are you waiting for? Download the app now! =D Remember to lookout for the right logo ohh~~




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