Stir Fry Bell Pepper Pork

A quick recipe today 🙂

I am not a great cook, but I am always picky on the type of food I eat, so bad that when I dine out, and if that food taste bad (to me), I would rather not eat it at all that people may say it’s so wasteful. Yea~ I admit it’s a bad habit, but without such “bad habits” how did I learn to be able to cook anything I want today?

I was so craving for this dish when recently I saw a picture of it somewhere (I couldn’t remember), the colour combination of this dish really boost up my appetite, besides it’s a well balanced diet with protein and veggies!

Mum does this dish differently, she uses a more healthy approach for all her dishes, no seasonings other than salt and she would use as little as possible, only allowing natural combination of ingredients to bring out the natural flavour. Wells, it’s up to your individual preference, end of the day it’s what you like to eat and how it suits your tastebud 😀

Marinate pork :- with sesame oil, pepper, light soya sauce, oyster sauce, chicken stock, hua tiao jiu and some corn flour (leave it in the fridge for at least 30mins to absorb all the marinates)


120g of 3 colour bell peppers (cut according to your preference)
200g of marinated pork
1 small sized red onion (cut into fours)
1 garlic (minced)
1/3 cup Chicken Stock
1 tbsp of Oyster sauce
Black and White pepper
Salt (to taste)
1 tbsp Cornflour + 1 tbsp water


1. Heat the wok and add oil. Combine Oyster sauce into chicken stock.
2. Stir fry onions till fragrant, careful not to burnt them. Add minced garlic and stir fry till fragrant. (Do not burn the garlic if not it will taste bitter)
3. Add in the bell peppers and give it a few dry before adding in the marinated pork.
4. Add seasonings, white and black pepper, salt and chicken stock. Fry and cover to boil.
5. Thicken the sauce by adding cornflour mixed with water. Add slowly and stir until you get your desired thickness.
6. Serve!!

1. Adjust seasonings according to your own tastebud.
2. If you prefer your bell peppers to be crunchy, give it a quick stir fry and put it aside. Add them in after everything is cooked before serving.

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