Soft Chewy Mochi

Soft Chewy Mochi

I did mochi today because I had super intense cravings on a good soft chewy mochi skin, it was awesome!

I always liked Japanese mochi ice cream but never liked the mochi that are sold in supermarkets. The nice ones from Japan are really expensive here, so I decided to make my own. You’ll be surprise how cheap these ingredients will be.

Recipe for Soft Chewy Mochi

(Yields about 15 mochi)


100 g of glutinous rice flour
35 g sugar
200 ml coconut milk

*Some cooked glutinous rice flour for dusting

1. Whisk all the ingredients till smooth.
2. Pour into a well greased bowl.
3. Steam at middle high heat for about 25 mins.
(I steam mine in a rice cooker)
4. Once ready, take out and loosen up the dough a little using a spoon.
5. Dust a good amount of cooked glutinous rice flour on your work table and start to stretch and knead to a flat rectangle. Careful the dough will be hot. If too hot too handle, let cool a little.
6. Cut the dough into desired sizes and wrap your fillings into the dough.
7. Final coat of cooked glutinous rice flour before placing them into cupcake liners.

* Cooked glutinous rice flour
How to: Fry the flour under really low heat until it becomes light and fluffy. If your flour turned brown, it’s over cooked.

The Mochi filling

You can fill the filling of mochi with almost anything! Some examples are:

Ice cream (make sure your dough is cooled by the time you wrap these šŸ˜)

Fruits like mango, strawberries and kiwi (Either you wrap them up as a whole fruit or blend the fruits with whipped cream and freeze them in ice cubes)

Sweet fillings like red bean paste, yam paste, crushed peanuts with sugar, sesame paste (You can use store bought)

Since I have some crushed peanuts and peanut better left, so I made some. I did not do any weighing for these so I won’t be providing the actual weights of ingredients.

Peanut fillings

– Store bought crushed peanuts
(They usually comes sweetened with sugar, but you can add a little more sugar if you like it sweeter, afterall what’s a dessert when it’s “less sweet” right?)
– Some peanut butter (you omit this)
– Some water

Add all these into a bowl to get a somehow wet yet not clumpy texture. Look at my 1st picture, the peanut mixture is darker in colour but they do not clump into a ball.

These can be eaten straight away, or store them in an air tight container before placing them into the fridge for a cold dessert.

The freshly made ones have a more soft texture while the cold ones will have a more chewy texture but they both will taste just as good.

Do link me up if you successfully tried this recipe! Can’t wait to see your pretty mochi soon!

Judy Bakez

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