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1 gm Yeast (no-knead) Bread

Hello my friends!! I’ve been really busy recently with bakes for orders, reading recipes, my full time job, a side line online sales.. phew.. it’s tough being a Singaporean nowadays but nevertheless, keep positive mind and stay happy 😀 Bread making has been to toughest to me and took me the longest ever to get… Continue reading 1 gm Yeast (no-knead) Bread

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Honey Cheese Sponge Cake

TGIF! It’s been quite a while since i have posted but i have been baking weekly still. I’ve been rather hardworking going to libraries, browsing through cookery and baking books, reading and feeding my knowledge. Learning is a never ending process. There’s a recent craze about this Le Castella that comes to Singapore and they… Continue reading Honey Cheese Sponge Cake

My Braces & Jaw Alignment Journey

Finally on braces…

Finally.. nearly 6 months into consideration and savings, i've started on my braces treatment on 22th March 2017. About 2 weeks ago, i had my first appointment with the clinic, having my mould and x-rays done with the first payment of $500+GST.I have prepared myself from reading a lot from bloggers, people's experiences, youtube, and… Continue reading Finally on braces…