4. Recovery and tips · My Braces & Jaw Alignment Journey

Post Surgery Recovery and Tips

Today marks the 30th day of my post op. It was a hell month with pains and headaches that does not go away due to the tensed jaws muscles in my cheeks. I was too afraid to move or to bite because i felt my bones were still weak and movable! Facial (not jaw) exercises… Continue reading Post Surgery Recovery and Tips

3. The surgery day · My Braces & Jaw Alignment Journey

The surgery day – Goodbye to Alien Jaws

Hi all, long await for all those who have been waiting for my post on the actual jaw surgery day!! Here I pen down all my thoughts, emotions, struggles and hope to get encourgements to push through each day🤘 The purpose of this jaw surgery: To make teeth meet, jaws aligned to give a proper… Continue reading The surgery day – Goodbye to Alien Jaws

Judy Bakes · Judy Bakes - Bread

1 gm Yeast (no-knead) Bread

Hello my friends!! I’ve been really busy recently with bakes for orders, reading recipes, my full time job, a side line online sales.. phew.. it’s tough being a Singaporean nowadays but nevertheless, keep positive mind and stay happy 😀 Bread making has been to toughest to me and took me the longest ever to get… Continue reading 1 gm Yeast (no-knead) Bread