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One Year Post Op

On 22.11.2018 marks my 1 year jaw op anniversary!! Yay!!! Of all the jaw blogs i have read, i have almost could not find updates about surgery recoveries after 1 year or more. Thus, i would like to give a little more updates to prepare for those who are in the process or are still in doubt.

If you have read all my previous jaw posts, by now you would have more and less knew what i had gone through:- my horrible recovery! I was in so much pain and mental torture ( i didn’t want to scare you because i had quite a good share of fear too!) My recovery wasn’t smooth, it was way more difficult and longer than almost all stories i have read or heard (therefore don’t worry, you couldn’t be worst).

I had little swelling every once in a while on my right cheek at my lower jaw (they hurt), even thou i was fully recovered. I had some numbness and tightness on my chin during my 8 months post op and was prepared to live with this for the rest of my life but i was wrong.

I’m not sure when the tightness went away but it was gone. Probably i start when i started working on this chin with some movements and stretching. Facial exercises are really important if you want a good recovery, it is the same with any post surgery you will need therapy, especially people like me who are already in the 30s, depending on how major your surgery is, our recovery is not really as excellent as before.

At my 1 year post op mark, these are the few things i can sum up:

  • I could chew beef and nuts with no difficulties
  • My front teeth (jaw) has not regain 100% strength, probably 80%
  • No pain / numbness / tightness feeling anymore
  • I look much more approachable and friendlier now
  • I could feel bones in my fish with my tongue now (if you get what i mean)
  • I could chew with all my teeth
  • I have a wonderful smile which gives me so much more confidence
  • I read alot about people claiming pain/ache in jaw when the weather is cold, but it never happened to me
  • The screws and plates are here to stay in your face as long as it doesn’t cause inflammation. They are designed to be accepted by our body.


Jaw surgery is a major surgery, so DO take all necessary vitamins to build your immune system in preparation of the surgery. I used alot of Young Living Oils to aid my recovery and to manage my pain instead of medications.

I visited Dr Cheng for my 6 months review on 21.11.2018 and he says that everything is good! My teeth are settling well in their positions, however i have just 1 naughty tooth that seems to rotate a little which Dr Cheng says he could fix it if it really bothers me. My visit to Dr Clement Lye will be next month.

Overall, i feel jaw surgery is one of the best decision i ever made! Patience is the key. It takes months and months for you to be able to see the perfect change. I gained back my weight but still looking way better than before!

If you have any questions/doubts/fear, feel free to pm me on my facebook or instagram and i’ll try my best to answer your questions =D


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