About Judy Bakes

655dad04-9628-4e06-b588-3e1c4fe4c92bThis blog is all about my recipes or recipes that I have tried, with my personal experiences in the kitchen and everything else!

Hi everyone, i am Judy. I enjoy baking, cooking, singing and spending quality time with my love ones. I have a full time job, and I do occasional orders for people especially year to year Chinese new year cookies.

Let me share a little about myself and how i started my passion for baking..

I remember when i was younger, like about 5 or 6 years old, i would always love watching my mum cook dinner. I seemed to like watching those cooking programs like “Fang Tai Cooking Program”, so i would always climb and sit on the kitchen top, “introduced the ingredients” as i watched my mum cook.

It was until 13 years old, my parents had business to tend to and were always not at home. I had to eat out. I got tired of outside food, the taste and all never seemed to suit me. One day, i was craving for curry, so i called mum to ask her on the recipe and steps. I did my first meal, it was horrible, haha! But at least i got what i wanted, and my cooking journey never ends since then.

I remembered my first cookie experience. I was always flipping baking books and was trying to make some cookies using the small small oven that we have at home, it came out burnt and totally inedible. I was so disappointed. After trying for a few more times, i gave up and never baked again or at least until 2013.

I went back to research again in 2013, few home baking classes, and many many trials and finally I can baked! Now I baked for kid’s birthday parties, mini gatherings, birthdays, and so on.. What I hope to do next is to have little baking classes of my own to share my baking experience.

Ever since my journey to bake and cook, I realized I have inspired a lot of friends who started baking and cooking, posting their products at their Facebook page and start looking at my photos for inspiration.

I hope to influence more people to do their home cooks and home bakes, putting your heart and soul into the food for your family and love ones (something that has long lost in a family as everyone tends to be busy with work and choose to eat out) It’s more than what money could buy.

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