About Me

Hi, I am Judy, a happy mom of a beautiful daughter and a home-based passionate home baker.
Welcome to my page.

Judy Bakes was first founded in 2014. I picked up the baking skills much earlier through baking classes, online videos, recipes read ups and lots of researches.
During the start off, my family and friends are the biggest fans of my bakes which gave me a boost of confidence to vend my signature egg tarts, pineapple tarts and chantilly cream cakes.

Recently i am into artisan bread making, which uses wild yeast and is known to be healthy and more nutritious. I began cultivating wild yeasts with flour and water and named it after my daughter, Melody.

I am thankful with the most encouraging husband and all the opportunities of learning to upgrade my knowledge of baking. With years of baking experience and passion, Judy Bakes will continue to bring you more hearty bakes.

Check out some the all time favorites below.

Pineapple Tarts

The secret ingredient in baking is always love